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Accelerator Programs Offer Access to Innovation

Paul Tyler, Nassau Re’s chief marking officer, talks about boosting insurance innovation in Hartford with the newly formed insurtech accelerator. Hartford InsurTech Hub opened in January, driven by Startupbootcamp, a Danish firm the operates accelerators in several industries.

“Paul Tyler moved to Hartford, Conn., in 2016 as chief marketing officer for Phoenix Life Insurance. Hartford has long been an insurance hub, and Tyler was eager to learn how the industry was responding to changes in consumers’ buying habits.

““When I arrived in Hartford, I was thinking, wow, there’s got to be a lot of stuff going on,’’ Tyler says. “I started reaching out to a lot of people to see what was happening, and it was very, very quiet, just kind of waiting for somebody to throw a match.”

“Two years later, a match has been thrown.

Read more in the March 2018 edition of Leaders Edge Magazine.

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Alice EricsonAccelerator Programs Offer Access to Innovation