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Luminant Analytics Joins Nassau Re/Imagine

Hartford, CT, March 15, 2019 – Nassau Re/Imagine is proud to announce that Luminant Analytics has joined the Hartford-based incubator. Luminant Analytics is a B2B company from Switzerland that provides analytical insights and predictive models for insurance companies. The startup improves insurance pricing by including quantitative future predictions about key external trend changes instead of simply relying on internal historical loss data.

Dr. Renu Ann Joseph founded the company in 2018. “Though we are a Swiss company, our first target market is the American auto insurance industry. We chose Hartford as our American base for a variety of reasons, including the large number of insurance companies in Connecticut, Hartford’s affordability and concentration of young talent, easy access to other hubs, and the growing insurtech support ecosystem here,” Dr. Joseph said.

“We’re excited to have attracted such a quality team to Nassau Re/Imagine,” said Paul Tyler, Chief Marketing Officer for Nassau Re, who leads the program. “Renu’s decision to locate in Hartford and in our incubator speaks volumes about the success of our insurtech community over the past two years.

Nassau Re/Imagine is an insurtech incubator based in Nassau Re’s iconic Boat Building headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut. It supports selected startups focused in the life insurance, annuity and reinsurance industries with complimentary office space and business development services. Nassau Re/Imagine is currently accepting applications for the program. For more information, visit

About Nassau Re
Nassau Re’s mission is to build a franchise across the insurance value chain. With extensive experience as owner-operators of numerous insurance and financial services businesses, Nassau Re believes it has a competitive advantage in building a unique platform over the long term.
Nassau Re currently has combined assets of approximately $20 billion and capital of approximately $1.3 billion. Its business covers four segments: insurance, reinsurance, distribution and asset management through various affiliates including Nassau Life and Annuity Company, Constitution Life Insurance Company, Saybrus Partners, Nassau Asset Management Company, Nassau CorAmerica and Nassau Corporate Credit.

Nassau Re was founded in 2015 with capital provided by Golden Gate Capital, a private investment firm with over $15 billion of committed capital. For more information, visit

About Luminant Analytics
Luminant Analytics is an insurtech start-up offering analytics solutions for insurers. Their unique value proposition is the exclusive use of curated, industry-relevant external data for providing risk segmentation steering insights and inputs into actuarial pricing models. In doing so, they offer a big-picture view of the future of insurance loss trends, which has multi-dimensional impact on an insurer’s business.


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Alice EricsonLuminant Analytics Joins Nassau Re/Imagine